Puppy/Dog Contract

(Southern Image Gottiline Pitbulls CONTRACT) of agreement

This document servers as a sale contract of purchase of puppy/dog ______________ I bought with a one year guarantee of health and understand that my new puppy/dog will not be shipped with out the purchase of NUVEt PLUSE to asure the the well being of my new pet I_______________ understand that nuvet plus is the safety of my new puppy/dog that protects against harmful disase www.nuvet.com order.

Name______________________ Address_____________________
Phone#____________________ sir______________ Dam_____________
Discription:of puppy/dog American bully/pitbull ___________________
Price:_________________ Deposit_______________ Balance____________
UKC paper received ______________ Vaccinations____________________

If for any reason your puppy/dog suffers from any genetic issue do to our production program buyer has the rights to exchange there puppy/dog with Southern Image Gottiline Pitbulls of the same value is once proff of nuvet is shown do to the buyer and a diagnoses of a licensed veterinarian is showing.

I advised that all puppies/dogs purchased from Southern Image Gottiline Pitbulls receive an examination from a licensed veteriarian with 48 hours of purchased.

After any sales we are not responsible for any damages or person while in your care you agree to care and train your bully in your an responsible manner.


Buyer:____________________ Seller:_________________ Nuvet_______________

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