How To Raise A Healthy Pit Bull


All dogs need their exercise to be happy and healthy. Pit bulls in particular need a lot of it!

Pit bulls have strong, muscular bodies and are full of energy. This is why they thrive and grow up to be healthy dogs, only when they get the daily amount of exercise and intense workouts their bodies require.

Without proper care and routine, these dogs can develop behavioral problems that range from jumping and chewing to more aggressive behaviors like excessive barking, separation anxiety and growling.

Your Pit Bull Needs Frequent Exercise- And It’s Not Just For Its Health!

Pit bulls can be hard-headed and stubborn creatures, as owners often report. You can give your dog the best of everything but they won’t behave themselves until and unless they get the proper amount of walk. This means no short-cuts. Your pit bull NEEDS its walk. Increasing the number of miles your dog walks your dog gets everyday can solve behavioral issues like chewing, jumping and not listening to instructions. On an average, a pit bull requires two to five miles of walk to maintain their composure and keep behavioral issues at bay.

They Need A Confident Enforcement of Rules and Leadership

Learning to show a headstrong breed like pit bulls is not an easy task at all. By nature these dogs are pretty stubborn but with effective leadership and a structured routine, they will show their obedience in no time.

It’s hard not to love your pit bull so much but they need more structure than they need affection. This does not mean isolating your dog to discipline them. It means setting boundaries and not going overboard with love if they show you they’re guilty when they behave badly.

Adapt positive reinforcements and training methods while training your pit bull. This means taking out a lot of time and practicing incredible amounts of patience so that it makes the learning process easy for your dog. Here’s a tip to strike the balance: use a handful of kibbles while training your dog. This way you won’t overdo with treats and reward them only for their good behavior!

Avoid Common Training Mistakes

Frustrated pit bull owners may think that they will never be able to train their pets but that couldn’t be farther from pitbullthe truth! How well your pit bull responds to training depends completely on whether you keep an open mind while training them or not. Avoid a lack of consistency while training them, practice patience, give them the exercise they need and use positive training methods.

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