Everything You Need to Know About Grooming Your Pit Bull

One of the best things about owning an American Pit Bull Terrier is the minimal amount of grooming it takes to keep their coats looking healthy, shiny and knot-free.
While the breed is typically short-haired, with the coat lying close to the body, regular grooming is still required to keep shedding at a minimum, and to promote shine and healthy growth in your bully’s mane.

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8 Celebrities Who Broadcast their Love for Pit Bulls

Pit bulls, the most misunderstood dog breed, have found some truly wonderful advocates for their cause in these famous celebrities who fell in love with their droopy faces and have never looked back since!
Here are the top famous stars who broadcast their love for their pit bulls far and wide:

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How To Raise A Healthy Pit Bull

All dogs need their exercise to be happy and healthy. Pit bulls in particular need a lot of it!

Pit bulls have strong, muscular bodies and are full of energy. This is why they thrive and grow up to be healthy dogs, only when they get the daily amount of exercise and intense workouts their bodies require.

Without proper care and routine, these dogs can develop behavioral problems that range from jumping and chewing to more aggressive behaviors like excessive barking, separation anxiety and growling.

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3 Types of Pit Bulls That’ll Make You Want to Get One Too!

Many dog lovers prefer pit bulls as pets because of their loving, loyal and affectionate nature. While the breed originated from England, used as fighting dogs in the name of sport, pit bulls have come a long way since then. Breeders began breeding pit bulls in the U.S. to keep them as guard dogs since they’re strong and are inherently protective of their owners.

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