8 Celebrities Who Broadcast their Love for Pit Bulls


Pit bulls, the most misunderstood dog breed, have found some truly wonderful advocates for their cause in these famous celebrities who fell in love with their droopy faces and have never looked back since!
Here are the top famous stars who broadcast their love for their pit bulls far and wide:

Kaley Cuoco:
Probably most famous for her reprising role in the hit TV series, The Big Bang Theory, the actress has long been Hollywood’s biggest advocate when it comes to pit bulls. The star herself is the proud dog-mom of three pit bull rescues named Norm, Shirley and Loretta and has created a PSA in favor of the breed in collaboration with Angel City Pit Bulls.

Jessica Alba
When Jessica Alba’s daughter, Honor, was born, she moved into a new home and specifically asked for a large yard just for her dogs! Talk about dedication! The celebrity dog-mom is the proud owner of a white American Bull Dog named Bowie after the famous singer David Bowie.

Jennifer Aniston
The Friends megastar, Jennifer Aniston rescued a pit bull pup named Sophie back in 2012 with her then-fiancé (now husband) Justin Theroux from her local shelter.


Katherine Heigl
The co-founder of the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation dedicated to promoting animal welfare, Katherine Heigl has successfully rescued eight dogs, including some pit bull pups!

Norman Reedus
Famous for his role in The Walking Dead, Norman Reedus once hilariously asked his producers if he could have his dog on the show. While an adorable gesture, the producers ultimately decided against it—they feared the audiences would end up falling in love with the dog more than its human characters!

Josh Hutcherson
The Hunger Games famous star likes spending his days off making multimillion-dollar movies with his beloved pit bull pup, Driver.

Adrian Grenier
A total bad boy on set, and a softie off it, the Entourage star has a soft spot for his pit bull Honey, and loves posting pictures of her on all his social media!

Channing Tatum
Could Channing Tatum BE any more perfect? We didn’t think so…until we discovered his love for pit bulls! His gorgeous pup, Lulu, has managed to catch more hearts than the actor himself, something we never thought possible!

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