7 Reasons Why We Love Pit Bulls!



Pit bulls are friendly, lovable and loyal companions. They’re great with children and are very confident dogs. Here are all the reasons why we love them!

Pit Bulls Are Healthy Dogs
Pit bulls have robust and strong bodies due to which they are often used as protective and guard dogs. But while almost any type of dog you find will inherit genetic issues and health problems (including mixed breeds) pit bulls are known for their ability to recover from health issues quickly. While genetic issues are often found in some pit bulls, these issues are rarely fatal.

They Don’t Need Much Grooming
Due to their light coat, pit bulls are also categorized as low maintenance pets in terms of grooming. Pit bulls don’t take long to be bathed and don’t really require bathing that often either. All they need is their hair to be brushed and a doggie haircut here and there and they’re good to go!

Pit Bulls LOVE Pleasing Their Owners
Pit bulls love the validation and attention of their owners and will do most anything to please them! These dogs are highly devoted to their owners and are quite social as well.

They Love Playing Games
Since pit bulls were originally bred as sports dogs, this is a breed that will surely get you up and running! Known for their swiftness and agility, pit bulls love to go for walks and run around for some fun. As much as they love their exercise, however, they are not completely obsessive about it unlike some breeds of dogs.

Pit Bulls Are Funny Dogs
All dogs have distinct personalities and so do pit bulls! Since their confidence is their prominent quality, pit bulls love goofing around and being playful. A pit bull will almost always be seen clowning around and helping you get a great pitbull laugh with their antics, even as they grow old.

They’re SUPER Loyal
If you have a pit bull, you can safely say you have a friend forever! Pit bulls love people and typically the happiest when they are with their owners. They crave companionship and are also great with children. Although pit bulls don’t typically threaten strangers, they may go into protective mode if they feel that their owners are threatened.

Pit Bulls Have A Smile That Can Wipe away Your Worries
If you’re having a bad day, your pit bull will not shy away from trying to make you smile! Since they love being around their humans, they will often show their affection by sporting a wide smile, wiggling their tails, kissing your face and cuddling with you. A pit bull’s smile is definitely infectious and will instantly lighten up your mood!

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