Southern Image Gottiline Pitbulls

Your Official Provider of Exotic Bullies Since 2004

As professional pit bull breeders, Southern Image Gottiline Pitbulls aims to provide its customers across the United States, with a pit bull that exhibits all the essential bully traits such as a short-wide girth up as well as, boned up breeds. Our passion and love for pitbulls is what drove us to start our professional exotic bully breeding venture in New York in 2004 and makes us one of the best American Pit bull Breeders active today!

Over the years, we have gained a large following from fellow pit bull fans who have placed their trust in us to provide them with American purebred pit bull breeds. We have received a great response from our clients, who are as passionate about Pitbulls as we are. We have stander, razor edge, gotti, and xxl pit bull puppies available for sale.

We Have Committed Ourselves to Providing Our Customers with 100% Gottiline Exotic Bullies

We only use the purest bloodline to breed our American pit bull puppies. The proof is in the pictures! Our exotic bullies are pure because they exhibit the following characteristics, which are evident as soon as you lay your eyes on one of them:

  •  Stocky and muscular build
  •  Girth
  •  Head broad in width, specifically between the cheeks
  •  Powerful jaws
  •  Thick and well defined muscles
  •  Necks seamlessly connects with the chest
  •  Deep, well-sprung, and thick chest
  •  Round eyes

However, that is not the only reason pet owners lean towards owning an American purebred bully. An exotic bully is a loyal and faithful friend, thus making pit bull bullies increasingly popular with the public again.

See the myths DEBUNKED!

Gone are the days when Pitbulls were thought of as aggressive fight dogs. Come to our BullyCamp and see for yourself how our friendly and affectionate pitbulls win your heart with their sweet antics and unfound loyalty. At the end of the day, a dog is all about how it is trained and our dogs are a guarantee in terms of their temperament. Our pitbulls will be your family’s and your children’s best friend!

Give a Pit Bull Bully a Home Today!

When a new pit bull bully comes into the world, they instantly become part of our ever-growing family of dogs. We do not house several dogs in one place, but have a separate facility where we raise our bullies, look after them, and care for them, until we are able to transfer the responsibility to someone else. We want to provide our bullies with a good and loving home.

Will that home be yours?

Anyone who wants to care for a professionally bred pit bull bully should check out the bullies we have on sale. You can trust us to provide you with a quality breed every time. We take measures to ensure our customers receive the best service from us.

Our Services

Worried about what to feed your Bully?

To ensure your bullies grow strong and healthy, we also sell organic raw dog food. Your purebred bully needs quality dog food and we can provide you with both. We ship organic dog food all over the United States. Pay us a visit and we will be more than happy to explain the benefits of a raw food diet to you, till you are a convert to it.

Thinking of increasing the pack?

Our customers can also request for our stud service and we will ship the bully over to your address.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 864-407-1194. You can also contact us from our site. Go and check what bullies we have on sale!